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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Explorer's Bible Study

What if I told you that there is a non-denominational Bible study available that covers preschool - adult?

This is what I was searching for when I was looking for a Bible study solution for our United Methodist family.
My Wishlist :
1. Character training 2. Bible stories or study (simplified for a 6-7 year old)
3. Memory scripture
4. Easy to use, not much prep. I don't need crafts.
5. Music would be nice but not essential. Would like to learn hymns (accompanying cd would be a huge plus)
6. UMC doctrine to aid in preparing dd6 for confirmation and to lay a solid foundation for her. 7. Familiarity with our church worship is essential. Doxology, Apostle's Creed, Lord's Prayer etc.

That is the list I wrote before looking at a single product. Explorer's Bible Study program covers SIX of these! Of course, I will have to prepare my children for confirmation but I have a few years to do that.

I purchased Explorer's Bible Study's Beginnings: And it Was Good. Let me share with you what it contains. First of all, this curriculum was developed to equip a scholar with a chronological and historical method of Bible study which allows the Bible to be seen in its entirety, not in broken pieces.

In Beginnings: And It Was Good here's how the lessons are set-up. Each (there are 30 weeks of lessons with daily instructions) lesson lasts a week, so that the material covered lasts one week. In each lesson there are:

Bible Love Lesson- establishes an important daily foundation each time you begin your lesson. God is love, God loves you! It is the central truth for everyone.

Bible Story with Key Points: Written in an easy to understand language and provides Key Points that can be used for a narrative exercise (excellent for my classical education preference!) Also, you can further discuss the bolded Word and Phrase Meanings.

Word and Phrase Meanings: word or phrases within the Bible Story that help develop understanding.

Guided Prayer Thoughts: A short prayer that can be used as a model for learning to talk to God.

Questions: Thinking & Remembering: There are multiple questions for each day that help the child recall and relate the story concepts in the lesson.
Bible Words to Remember: In this version, the scripture is abbreviated or parapharsed from the New King James Version to make it easier to understand and remember. The memory scripture last all week to help build a firm foundation.

Praise Hymns: A variety of songs, (including familiar worship songs!) and hymns for making worship time meaningful. You can purchase My First Hymnal (like I did) that correlates with the Beginnings Book.

Virtue Lessons: as called Choosing God's Way, incorporated into each daily lesson. This is a wonderful simple way to have character study based on the Bible story.

It seems like it's been packaged with a little bow and says "Here are tools to disciple your children." I love this. No planning, no crafts, just two books, the Bible Study book and our Bible. I really enjoy the fact that we can "praise" with a hymn each day. My children love music. So what about other age levels?

Beginnings I has two: This series helps preschool age children discover truths about God's Word. Each lesson contains a Bible Love Lesson, a Bible Story, Key Points, Word and Phrase Meanings, Guided Prayer Thought, Thinking and Remembering Questions, Bible Words to Remember, and Choosing God's Way.
(Preschool-Grade 1)

Beginnings II has two: This course is designed for the early elementary student (Grades 2-3). It features a broad overview of the Bible in an exciting and challenging way. Prayer Thoughts help each child learn how to talk with God. Bible Words to Remember encourage children to hide God's Word in their hearts. Questions about the story build Bible knowledge and understanding.

Discovery has five: This series helps older elementary age children discover truths about God's Word. Questions about the lesson help students read, examine, and understand Scripture. Map studies and Word and Phrase Meanings help them dig deeper. A weekly lesson review makes sure they retain what they have studied. (Grades 4-9)

Quest has six: Our Quest Series is designed with Jr. and Sr. High students in mind! This daily Bible study uses questions to help each student understand 1) what the Bible says, 2) what it means, and 3) how to apply it to his/her life. Questions are designed to help the student think, evaluate, understand, and apply what God is communicating through His Word. Notes are provided with each lesson to give deeper understanding and to communicate solid Biblical truths and principles.

And then there's a whole Adult Curriculum! I am very excited about this! I have a Bible curriculum for every school year, and it builds and builds. If you're looking for a Bible curriculum to fit your needs I would suggest looking at Explorer's Bible Study first!

You can purchase from the Explorer's Bible Study website or you can find it at My First Hymnal is also available at and provides samples! Please tell me if you decide to use this. It would be nice to know that sharing this has helped someone.



chris said...

hi Jessica
"Chris in VA" here from WTM. About Explorer's BS--I downloaded a free Genesis study from them; is this the same as what you have?
Thanks-I'm also a pastor's wife (Episcopal) but much more conservative than my denomination seems to be. I can't tell you what kinship I feel with you from your blog. Thanks SO much.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
I was so fortunate to come across your blog. It was so exciting and encouraging to me because I have developed the Explorer's curriculum for preschool and elementary children. I was thrilled to hear that the study has been meaningful. God bless you as you continue in His Word with your precious children. I would be happy to hear from you or your reader's any suggestions or ways to improve the study for our young scholars.
Patricia Russell