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Friday, September 22, 2006

BiblioPlan for Families

Are you still looking for a History curriculum?

Have you ever wished for a history curriculum guide that combines Scripture with the study of ancient civilizations? Would you like to learn about Church history and the lives of great Christians while you study the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation historical periods? Do you wish you could find a history guide that recommends great children’s literature the whole family can enjoy reading together? If so, then BiblioPlan for Families may be what you are looking for.

Find BiblioPlan for Families here. Read reviews and comments about it here.

BiblioPlan is a family-friendly guide designed for a chronological study of world history. Our plans integrate quality historical literature with Biblical and secular history in a format that is easy to follow and requires minimal parent preparation. It is designed so that all the children you are schooling are studying the same period of history at the same time, and doing so at their own level.

From Jessica: I wanted to share this because I know a few of you are struggling with what you might use. This curriculum seems to not be considered a "popular" one, although I have no idea why other than lack of advertising. We've chosen not to use it at this time but it is worth looking into if you're looking for something like this.


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