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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Manners Made Easy

I can't help it, I received this in the mail today and I have to share. Especially because I know we can't always see what we're buying before we buy it. Somehow I've been very blessed in what I've purchased.
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Manners Made Easy by June Hines Moore
Link is to Timberdoodle which has it at $7.75 right now.

The workbook is designed to be everything you need in one for students aged 7-12. It could be used for younger students but would be best for students who can utilize fill-in-the-blanks worksheets well. There is a teacher section and student section. The student section is perforated and has plenty of margin to photocopy and three-hole punch for a notebook. The author grants permission for use in home or church school classrooms. This workbook was designed to be able to use for multiple children, perfect for homeschooling families. This can also be used in Christian or secular classrooms, the author provided a Bible Study lesson separate from the main lesson for those who wish to have a secular approach.

There are a total of six lessons which cover:
Who Needs Manners Anyway?
How to Introduce Myself
How to Introduce Others
Telephone Manners
Writing Thank-you notes
Table Manners

Additional Information
Mouth manners and other courtesies
Saying No without saying thank you

The Word from the Author offers some very sound advice on how to approach the subject of good manners with our children and what our objectives should be. Learning styles have been considered and a range of approaches are included: role-playing, working in teams, personalizing lessons, watching demonstrations, performing hands-on tasks, brain-storming and taking quizzes.
There is also a word of caution on how not to teach good manners.

A look inside Lesson One: Who Needs Manners Anyway?
Lesson Overview: the topics discussed for this lesson
Supplies Needed: for this lesson two or three styrofoam balls, toothpicks
About This Lesson: A note to the teacher/parent
What Manners Are All About- Discuss the first student page with students.
Included is a quote about manners. This area allows the students to share what they think about manners before being taught.
Object Lesson: What do you know about porcupines?
Then a German fable about porcupines illustrates the importance of manners.
Activity: Create porcupines and discuss the importance of manners further.
Q&A: Read a short passage to the students and ask short narration-type questions. These same questions will be on their quiz to come.

Etiquette: Our Ticket to Success
A little history about the word etiquette.

Activity: practice saying the word etiquette properly
Lesson: A wonderful narrative that offers an example of good manners.
Teaching Tip: In case you're having trouble.

Rules of Etiquette (Manners) Have Reasons:

Explaining a little more to the students.

Q&A: Question to use for brain-storming or in-teams. They will make a permanent chart, poster or list on the board of what they consider to be good manners.

Then the Lesson One Quiz is listed in the Teacher's area with answers.

The Lesson One Bible Study is also in the teacher's area. It is simply Key Scripture Reference, Bible Lesson, and Bible Quiz. The teacher/student sheet is the same so that they can work together.

This is something that I would cover one lesson a week, separating the regular lesson from the Bible lesson to do two days of the same week. It could easily be done all at once but I'd prefer to get as much exposure as possible.

For those who want something for their 3-6 year olds, check out this link to ClubMom


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