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Friday, August 27, 2010


Michael's been working ridiculously long hours this week, he's home an hour after the kids go to bed and leaves for work before I do. It's hard. I miss our time and although I can handle it (all), I miss him...just being around him, having him involved, being able to dissect our days together. He's working so hard and he probably has to work the weekend too.

Guess that means I'll have time to do some organizing that has been put aside. Oh joy. I know I'll feel better AFTER it's done but goodness I know the time it will take. Sounds like a movie rental day with files strewn around me waiting to find their home.

My parents put in a swimming pool at the beginning of the summer and it's been a godsend. Danny's fear of water is completely gone. A few months ago he'd have gone into full panic attack mode if you asked him to come into the water away from the shallow stairs, now he's jumping into the 'deep side' will full gusto and swimming under the water!

Off to another day, have a great one!




Michele said...

It's so nice to see you blogging agin! Congratulations on you marriage! I am glad to see you so happy. That is so wonderful that the kids have the opportunity to swim!

These Are The Days said...

That's awesome about the swimming fears being gone. I'm wishing in this heat we had a private pool! You'll have to check out my blog post (a few posts back) it's called 'West Coast Weekend' my little Sophie was terrified of the ocean, she wouldn't even let me get in!