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Monday, August 23, 2010

Decided to Stay

I don't have the time to create an entirely new blog, this is the space I created (designed) and I'm not going to start another one. *Pout, stomp foot* I would have to 'create' my space again and this is the space I love. So...I will continue to post here but add a label for Life After. Life After homeschooling and I am working on getting my links, files, etc updated here so they continue to help whomever would like them.

*Exhale* This was always our place for our journey, there's nothing stopping me from still talking about our journey even if we switched roads.

Off to start our Monday...Mondays are always a blur.




jonnia said...

Glad you're back. ;o)
You are very right about the journey!

Chris said...

I'm GLAD you are staying, b/c I've missed you. Glad you are on WTM, too. I won't be homeschooling this year, but I will still post on WTM.

I might update my blog, too--not sure.
Thanks for being such a cool resource!
I may have some TOG questions for you as Nature Girl approaches 7/8th, when we plan on hsing again.

Have a great day, and tell Camille that NG (really M! lol) says hi and would like to see some of her work.

Chris in VA

Mand said...

Aw it is so lovely to see you back Jessica, and lovely to hear how your life is unfolding xxx

Barbara said...

Jessica, what a wonderful surprise and blessing! I sorta mean both your happy life now (hurrah hurrah!) and also your newest blog post. I must've stopped by just a few days before your previous August post, and was sending good thoughts your way. I still am. All blessings be yours!
~ BarbaraL in OK (WTMer)

TednLisa said...

Great to see a post. Glad to hear you are doing well. I had been wondering.