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Friday, December 19, 2008

Week 11 & 12 Report

Week 11: December 8-14
Adjusting to working part-time at night, this week I had 30 hours at work (phew) with only 2 days off the entire week. We studied the Cherokee and Camille made a feathered headband in history.

I dropped a read aloud from our history time. The learning room became Camille's bedroom so we moved our two huge bookcases to where our dining table is, I moved my computer desk to the other side of the room and Camille and I disassembled the bunk bed she and Danny were using and transferred a twin bed to the learning room. She decided she wanted to keep posters up so we did.

We divided her toys from Danny's and bought under the bed storage for her to have a 'dresser' under the bed. Problems were starting to creep up from Danny and Camille sharing a bedroom. First, Camille needs a little privacy; second, Danny thinks Camille should always clean the room by herself. "Sissie will do it." We're still working on keeping our bedrooms clean and clothes picked up but it's better now that they are in separate rooms. I just wish the computer desk weren't encroaching on her personal space. She's happy though and I'm just so proud of her for being flexible about it albeit I feel guilty. Our lessons are being done mostly at the dining room table now.

Since I had Thursday, Dec. 11th off from work, I took Camille to see Santa at the mall and we played a bit of hooky from our lessons. I've realized there are times that you do the essentials and let the rest fall by the wayside to spend quality time, which is so much more important.

Sunday, Dec. 14th- I took both the kids to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and of course, there was a discussion about Santa and his helpers with Camille. I didn't realize that Bass Pro Shop was taking pictures of their own and giving us a copy! How nice!

The kids had a Christmas Party at church on Sunday, where they saw another Santa, but this Santa gave presents! Camille received the Zoob Creator Set and Danny received a Bumblebee Transformer- both were so excited!

Week 12: December 15-19
This week I've had 3 days off back-to-back. Camille and I picked up the pottery projects we had done- a plate for Danny and a plate for her dad, which turned out great! I need to take a picture before we wrap them. Lessons went well, we did the essentials, I know Camille's retention is Latin is mediocre but I'm lacking the luster to do more than what we're doing. We played Exact Change this week for math with a sprinkling of exercises from Horizons math, this went well.

Wednesday, I got paid so Camille and I did Latin and reading before heading out for the day. We went to transfer my car from my dh's name to mine (yay!), to Target to buy roller skates for Christmas which sort of ruined the surprise for her but she was more than glad to 'pretend to be surprised' on Christmas morning. I wanted her to try on the skates so I didn't buy the wrong size, it worked out. I bought myself a new bathrobe which I've been looking for at a good price for a year now. I also splurged and got her lip gloss and glittery stick-ons for her nails. We had a pleasant day together before going to pick up Danny at preschool.

After picking up Danny, I went to Blockbuster to rent Mamma Mia! and Batman: The Dark Knight for myself since dh was going to a Jacksonville Jaguar game on Thursday and got Danny's shaggy hair cut. Since it was Wednesday, the kids had youth at church so I was able to enjoy a little quiet time at home without anyone so I watched Mamma Mia! while they were gone. It's a little cheesy but I loved it and the music stays with you.

Thursday- Camille and I did our last lessons before our break (for a week) and then made peanut butter cookies and chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries. We still need to make chocolate chip cookies and next week, we'll make sugar cookies with frosting for Santa. I cooked my first Boston Butt in the crockpot and we had tender, juicy bar-b-que sandwiches for dinner and watched The Polar Express. After Polar Express, I made the kids' homemade cocoa and we watched The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax on tv before they went to bed.

Today (Friday)- We are making our chocolate chip cookies, busting open a Piñata (from our history lesson this week on the Spanish War/Alamo) and going to see....The Tale of Desperaux! I miss our nature walks and today would be a perfect day for one since it's 80° in December (disgusting) but the kids' think it's pretty special that they will be among the first to see the new movie.

The craziness is about to start. My mom and I are holding our breath to see if the last-minute gifts I ordered online for her (she's scared someone will steal her identity if she orders online) will arrive before Christmas Eve. My parents are coming here Christmas Eve, we're going to Dh's dad's house Christmas Day and Camille will be going with her dad sometime in-between and after? Yep, craziness. I put off college until February because of all this! I have to relearn how to do fractions, decimals, and percentages before taking the College Placement Test so that I don't have to take a remedial math class.

I've had to really contemplate 4th grade and Kindergarten for next year, since I'm approaching the time I normally order next year's curricula. I've decided to have Danny tested at the end of June to see where he is developmentally and what would be best for him- homeschooling or K at public school. Camille will be tested this year as well, at the end of 3rd grade, possibly in May.

I will add pictures of the piñata and pottery dishes later...




Tonia said...

You've been busy! I hope your holiday week brings you lots of rest from your labors.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. God Bless!

Kysha said...

Wow! It's been a busy week. It's funny but we watched the same movies with hot cocoa in hand this week also. We saw Madagascar II last weekend and they are itching to see TOD so please post a little review for us. We will be hunting for a Piñata for our Mexico study in geography this weekend also.

Now I know you are a REAL southern gal if you shop at Bass Pro Shop. LOL Southern gals rock! My sons love it!

Have a Merry Christmas and try to get some rest somewhere in between!

Stacy said...

Sounds like life is really crazy right now and you are handling it well. I stand in ah of all you are accomplishing. You are an amazing lady!! Merry Christmas!

Sabrina said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now, and I just wanted to say, I wish you well through this difficult time.

Adrienne said...

I am curious where you are working. I ask because circumstances may dictate I do the same. How is your stamina with working in the late afternoon/evening after spending the first part of the day homeschooling?

Adrienne from Theologicalkids

My Two Blessings said...

Sounds like a busy fun week.

Robin of mytwoblessings

C.M.S. Academy said...

Whew! You guys have done a lot this week. Slip me and email and let me know where you are working. Also, would you guys like to get together some time in the new year and do some walks or play? Just let me know. Talk to you soon!!

christinemm said...

wow you have been so busy!

80 degrees for you today. Well I didn't blog it but today we are hunkered down for a huge snowstorm. It began at maybe 11am (later than expected) and it is to be 'heavy snow' and not stop until midnight. All the schools were cancelled in preparation for this mess. Basically the roads are empty here and the world is silent and white.

Maybe I'll get DH to download my photos so I can blog an 'in process' snowstorm photo.

BTW util I read the part about Santa at Bass Pro Shops I was thinking "What is Santa wearing and why?".


krazzymommy said...

Just wanted to send a hug your way. You've got a lot on your plate...I'm sending up a prayer for you right now.

Kel said...

Great week, have a wonderful holiday

Lisa said...

I forwarded an award to you. go to my blog to see what you do now.

texasmcvays said...

We homeschool a child with Special Needs...she started out in school and we pulled her out. I learned a lot about educating her while she was in school from the Special ed. Teachers. If your soon tests behind in Texas you can take advantage of some of the programs they offer as a private school. I do not know what state you are in or what options you have but there are many free programs and great books to help you along on your journey no matter which way the Lord leads you.

I was blessed to see how much you plan I thought perhaps I was a nut as I have been schooling my planning is become more detailed and further out. I am writing out my vision for the children so I can make sure we stay on course!

Thanks for the blog it's great!