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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts about K/4th grade

Math- Math U See Gamma/Delta with Math on the Level (30 min)
Spelling- Simply Spelling (15 min)
LA- ILL with Writing Aids' support (up to 30 min)
Latin- Latina Christiana I with DVDs (up to 30 min)
History- TOG Year 4 with Evaluations and MapAids (up to 30 min daily)
Science- General Science (Inventions, Milestones of Science, etc.) (up to 30 min daily)
Music- instrument lessons (piano) (1 lesson a week and 15 min of practice daily)
Poetry Memorization- cutting down to one poem a month (5-10 min daily)
Time spent total approx. 2-3 hrs.

If ds4 will be at home for K:
ABeCeDarian (only thing I need to buy)
Math on the Level
Galloping the Globe
To be limited to 1-1.5 hour of work each day

So homeschooling can be done with both of them in about 4 hours a day, dd8 will have independent work to do while I work with ds4 (they will be a year older next year) and she can do art, informal logic and other things as she pleases or in her free time. It would be nice if I could teach them simultaneously but I'm not going to hold my breath on that.

I'll probably have to do phonics with ds then do Latin with dd, giving him a play break.
Math together, possibly if not I can do math with ds while dd does her independent reading or piano practice.
Handwriting with ds while dd completes her ILL lesson
Galloping the Globe as a family type activity after dd's history and science work has been completed.

Somehow it seems more manageable but I am just thinking aloud as I type. If I did put ds in public school for K, I would have more uninterrupted time for my college work. With him home, I don't know how I'd get that time. If he did go to school, we could still do Galloping the Globe as a family, with bedtime readings.

I think his maturity level at the end of the year, in June or July will be a major determining factor. Let's be honest, it's also dependent on how I can juggle college, homeschooling and part-time work with just dd8 plus maintaining consistent discipline.

I know I need to do last week's report, I'm only online anymore in the morning. I'll get to it this week, plus this week's report.




jennybell said...

I would love to be able to see you "do it all". Currently I have one child in K 2 days a week and work outside the home 20 (give or take) hours a week, and sometimes feel overwhelmed. You would be an encourager to me.

It looks to me like you have a good idea for school. The only thing I would add would be to work on the "habit of independence" with both your children. From now until you have to decide about PS K, practice having an hour at a time of no interruptions. This will help you decide if it could work.

Also, K could actually be less than what you have planned. Each of those subjects could be 15 minutes a day, maybe somedays only do 1 or 2 subjects. Mostly this time is about exposure to ideas and he will get that from listening in on Big Sis. When they get it, they get it, and more teaching time won't help.

Since you need uninterrupted time for study, I would focus more on finding fun (and learning could be in here too) activities that he can do by himself, like various crafts, building games, or any toy he can role play with (like cars, play men, or like my son, play food and small animal figures - he can play "zoo" for over an hour).

If you don't already have an afternoon rest/quiet time, now is a good time to start implementing that as well (for both children). They may rest in their beds or do any quiet activity, but they must stay in their rooms for an hour.

I don't know if these suggestions will help you, but I really do hope you find a way to do what you want.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I can't imagine managing college and part time work with home schooling and maintaining the house! But if anyone can, you can! I homeschool my 2nd gr. and kindergartner together and it works well. I do just what you've described, some together, some separate. I worked out a schedule where they are both busy during our 3-4 hours either together or on different things. It works really well. Would you maybe be able to hire a "mother's helper" or babysitter a couple of afternoons for time alone to study? Just a suggestion. If you are there in the house, you could hire a 12 or 13 year old from your church and pay a lot less. Several of my friends have done this. I think you are wise to wait and see where your son is in the summer. They change so much at this age!

CloseAcademy said...

Had a minute and decided to stop by. It has been hectic here this year as I do day care on top of homeschooling.

Your plan looks good. You are right about trying to teach both at the same time. I tried that for preschool/K, PreK/1st and gave up for K/2nd. Teaching one and then the other has worked out well. But your dd seems like she is capable of more independent work than mine.

Hope things go well for you and you have my prayers.

School for Us said...

I just wanted to pipe up about Galloping the Globe (GTG). I did this with my daughter when she was in kindergarten and it is probably the BEST curriculum we've ever used! I have quite a bit about it on my blog, so when you use it you might take a peek!