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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week 10 Report

I'm giving myself a break this week by not posting photos, it has been a hard week here. Let's see, I started working on Tuesday from 4-10 pm, paid bills (stress) and went grocery shopping (more stress) Wednesday, worked Thursday 4-10pm, Friday, Camille and I went to a pottery shop to make Christmas gifts and Camille's piano recital was that night and today I'm working 4-10pm again.

I am enjoying working, it's nice to be among people who don't call you Mom every 3 seconds. It's nice to have a set amount of responsibilities that don't change and it's great to get paid for smiling. :)

Huge life changes are happening, I've also spent a lot of time on the phone with college admission officers and in my IN box are college placement practice test, financial aid forms and admission applications that I am currently procrastinating on but will finish by tomorrow. I need to finish them so that I can start college in January, if not I'll have to wait and only kick myself later if I do that.

Our Christmas tree is up and the outside of the house is decorated, I forgot that I did that this week too. Typing it all out, no wonder I'm feeling overwhelmed!!!

Okay...lessons this week. Given what has happened, I think we've done well but here's the brutal honesty.

Explorer's Bible Study- two lessons this week were done out of four.
Latin- Lesson completed for the week, vocabulary review should have been done more.
Math- Some type of math was done each day, I don't feel that I've done the best I can with this yet.

Primary Language Lessons
- 3 lessons out of 4 were done (yay!)
Explode the Code 7- Lesson completed for the week
Poetry- Reviewed 2x, decided to skip Windy Nights and move on to Animal Crackers which we'll start Monday.

- Read about the Erie Canal, completed interactive map, still need to finish other work tomorrow possibly.
Science- Lesson done, read Cell Wars and completed Cell Mobile. We were unable to do science vocabulary b/c our Children's Dictionary does not have macrophages and neutrophils.
Building Critical Thinking Skills- done but I didn't check

Afternoon Tea with Composer- nope.
Draw Squad- nope.
Needlepoint- nope.
Independent Reading time together- scratch the together (think, "go read your book") so it did get done.
Field Trip- Yes! We went to make pottery Christmas gifts for Danny and Camille's Dad.

Looking back on this week, I don't know how we accomplished all that we did. Camille's piano teacher questioned whether she was progressing enough so we did extra work in piano while I stressed about whether he's the right teacher for her and if he's not- can I find another??

I'm completely stressed over this college thing. I want to do it, I need to do it but goodness I just want to stick the bag back over my head and slink away...




Kris said...

I will pray for you, Jessica. Trying to do school yourself while having any sort of structured homeschooling for your children is extremely difficult, and you've not even started your first class yet! It is great you have decided to do it. An investment in education is always well spent.

Laura said...

Good luck. It will be tough but it can be done. I started homeschooling my 14 year old nephew this school year, while working full time from home and finishing the last semester of a 2 year EMBA program. I know it was insane, but I knew it was only for 1 semester. The biggest issue I had last year when he was in ps and this year is that I hate standing over him to get him to do his work while I need to be doing my own homework. But as long as I keep my attitude in check, things work out pretty well.

Michele said...

Keep putting one foot in front of the other - that's the way to conquer! Remember to be kind to yourself!


Jules said...

Good luck in all of your endeavors. Remember that good nutrition and sleep are important.

Tonia said...

You've got a lot on your plate. Remember to take care of yourself. :0)

Kris said...

I am giving you the Butterfly Award, a pass-it-along type blog award.

See At Home Science for the details :o)

Rev. K.T. said...

Remember too that this is the close-to-Christmas time that has our children's attention going every which way. I've always been amazed by how much you accomplish in your school. I too work and have revised what we are able to accomplish while still pushing the kids to be their very best. It's not easy, but the time you have together is the best gift you could ever offer your kids. Thank you for such a wonderful blog! And keep up the good work. You're doing fine. ;o) (sometimes we need to hear that too!)

christinemm said...

Hi Jessica,
Trying to buy from amazon through a link in your blog and the links are all gone!


Did you get Amazon's email that we can earn (a good percent) commission on gift cards? I was going to buy two this week through your blog.

I'm going to look through some old blog posts to see if I can find an active link to Amazon someplace on your blog.

I've been buying lots of December birthday gifts and Christmas gifts through your blog this month.

Thinking of you and the new job and is not easy...