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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Little Man's First Night

We went grocery shopping today (I wonder does it take anyone else 5 hours?) for the month and while in WalMart, I looked for Thomas sheets. A little explanation: I have a 2 year old boy and anything cars, trucks or trains right now excites him. He especially likes Thomas but we're not completely Thomas crazy. He will play at the bookstore (they have a Thomas table in the children's area) for hours without thought to food, drink or anything else.

Well there is Thomas sheets for a twin size bed, but none for a toddler bed or crib size. We have a convertible crib that converts into a little day bed. It's just a crib without one wall. So, we did see a Cars (the movie) pillowcase for $3.96 (gotta love WalMart). I picked that up and DS drooled all over it.

Then we went to the baby's dept and found a Tonka truck fitted sheet for cribs (another cheer for WalMart, this was $7.96). He's excited the entire way home, dd and I unpacked the sheet and pillowcase so he could get a better look. He ran into the house and showed Daddy his new acquistions.

Well, he's in his bed now with his tonka truck sheet and cars pillowcase and he's been there for 15 minutes. We'll see how the night goes. I guess I better plug the monitor back in...



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Sleep-Deprived said...

When I bought our then 18 month-old dump-truck sheets for his new big-boy bed he disappeared for a long time - when I found him he had his bed full of his Hot Wheels driving all around the work trucks. The pillowcase is still his favorite.

You've got to love those little boys!!!