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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I miss them.

The kids have been gone all week and Camille won't be coming back until next week. I miss them terribly. A part of my heart is missing, a part of my daily life. I haven't had them BOTH gone at the same time for this length of time. I've enjoyed my time but it's time for them to be back!

I've got so much to do today, and gasp-I'm even loading up books to take to the thrift store because I have no energy or time to sell them online. I just want them gone, easy peasy. I'm shopping for school supplies and uniforms...I cannot believe that. Camille just turned nine, I cannot believe that either. Lol. We're celebrating her birthday when she gets back from her grandparents'.

I've spent this past week truly evaluating our life, what is good, what can be improved, what steps I need to take, what I feel the kids' need, etc. I got wrapped up in wanting to move out but after crunching the numbers for the 100th time, I can't. Not yet and I'm not foolish enough (thankfully) to take that step without some serious security and stability financially. I'm a highly passionate person and once I set my sights on a goal, watch out- I will obtain it. I needed to refocus on the goals I've already set instead of creating new ones. Hey, I get bored sometimes in the middle of obtaining an already set goal, especially if it is a long term one.

Gazelle intensity...I'm going to reread Total Money Makeover and get motivated again. It's hard. I've lost more weight and my clothes are falling off me- while that's good- it's not good for my wallet. I'm going to wait until I literally cannot wear the clothes I have before buying more, altering the current clothes I have may be the best way to overcome buying more clothes, too bad I don't know how to sew myself! Geesh, I guess I wasn't such a super homeschooler after all, I can't sew or bake bread. Lol.




christinemm said...

Hi Jessica!

Just want to say altering clothing can be quite expensive when paying someone else. Scout uniform pants for my son were on sale for $20 but the price to hem then due to zipper at bottoms of legs was $25. I bought a used down ski jacket for $20 and figured for the first time every I was goin gto save money. A month later its zipper broke, but the repair of zipper at dry cleaner's tailor was $35, forget it. I bought a new jacket to replace it.

Baking bread is simple. An easy to obtain goal if that is bugging you, you can teach yourself and make two loaves in under 30 minutes prep time.

Congrats on the weight loss!!

Good luck with everything.

Kim said...

I left you a PM on WTM regarding this post. :)

Marsha said...

You're doing great! I can neither sew or bake bread either; there are other things more important. That you have already figure out!