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Wednesday, April 1, 2009



We're 95% settled in, most of our belongings is in storage which I can access easily but it's strange living without the bulk of items we're used to having around us. I think the hardest thing so far is being a daughter and a mother all at the same time. As a daughter, I know what my parents' expectations are as far as behavior and what their habits are but as a mother, I know what the kids want and expect as well. We're all in transition.

Danny was attending a Montessori preschool in Georgia but there's only 5 weeks left of the school year. I could enroll him but it would be just temporary. I have found a school for both the kids, a private one, for next Fall. This is great news because I was worried about sending the kids to public school, Camille would change the most due to the influence of other kids but this private school is small and the days are short, 8:00 to 1:00. It is probably the closest academic structured school to what we were already doing at home that I'll find, especially for the cost. I'm going to look to see what other options are out there before I decide but I think we have a winner already.

Camille is working on preparing for the standardized test that she'll have in May, she's happy to be doing schoolwork again.

I will start my new job Sunday. Being at home with my mom all day is nice but I welcome another purpose to my day. I've been super busy unpacking, organizing, doing errands but once we're completely settled I know I'd go stir-crazy. I've had to remind myself numerous times that we're all in transition and everything going smoothly is not the norm. Things have been going pretty well considering all the changes we've gone through.

The kids have friends to play with across the street, my parents live in a cul-de-sac so the kids can freely ride their bikes in a safe environment without the constant danger of traffic, only the few residents drive down our street and they are aware of the kids playing. There is a huge, gigantic playground just 15 minutes away. I don't know the kid in this picture but the playground is shown somewhat.

So far everything is going well, as we get into new routines things will settle more. The kids are happy but adjusting and I've been too busy to really think about it all other than to thank our daily blessings that God has provided. I'm full of hope again for the future which has been sorely missed.




Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Glad to hear that you are moved and getting adjusted. The school sounds like an amazing blessing -- praying you will find something that will work out.

marsha said...

I know things are still adjusting, but I knew you'd be fine. I'm glad to hear things are going smoothly for the time being. Good luck on Sunday!

School for Us said...

Glad to hear you're getting settled. I know there will be a lot of adjustments to be made, too. Thanks for posting as it reminds me to pray for you and your family. :-)

CookieMonster said...

I'm glad that the transition has gone smoothly and that your new diggs seem to be great overall.

Blondie said...

The school sounds fantastic - almost like a homeschool private school!

I am glad you are settling in and that everyone is adjusting.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you guys are settled in. I've been thinking about you guys and it's nice to hear that you are already there and safe and sound. Praise God!



Nancy said...

It is amazing how even in such dark moments God pulls us through. I know this is a really difficult time for you but I am so thankful and comforted to see how God is providing for you and making a way and giving you hope.

heidi said...

I'm glad you are settling in. I can't imagine this being easy from any angle. Thinking of all involved. Praying for you.

Kristy said...

I'm so glad to hear that every thing is going smoothly...who knows? Maybe things going smoothly will be the norm from now on. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...


I stop in your blog now and then from WTM~I hadn't realized all you've been going through, but you seem to have support and a positive spirit! I've always enjoyed your input on WTM and consider you one of the more knowledgeable leaders in that community!

Just wanted to say hi and that I appreciate your comments over there and your blog...and wish you the best.

Barbara said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. There is a lot of wisdom in noting that things don't go smoothly in a time of transition... but it sounds as though things are going *well*!

You're in my thoughts and prayers, as always!

Barbara L in OK

Lorna said...

All the best for the future Jessica. I have found your blog, your resources and your journey an inspiration. I hope you and your family are very happy in all your future endeavors (I am certain you all will be).

Missy said...

It's good to read that you are settling in and that things are going smoothly. Praying for you.
(from TWTM forum)