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Friday, March 27, 2009

Loaded and Ready

The computer and other electronic stuff is traveling in my friend's car with me while a friend drives the UHaul that tows my car. Yeah, I'm chicken.

Not too chicken to drive the 17' ft. UHaul towing my car and unhook the whole shebang with a neighbor's help. Ummm, the tow dolly weighs more than 500 lbs and this afternoon I was pulling it and stay-at-home mom neighbor was pushing it from the street into the yard.

Strong, independent women...yes we are. Sore too. The house is pretty bare and all our things save a few are loaded in a truck ready to be taken anywhere.

Tomorrow, a new life begins. Or should I say repurposed life? Everything is going well, much better than I deserve and thought it would. The only uncertain thing is all the legal mumbo-jumbo and how much child support should be and if alimony should be paid...yada, yada, yada. Where's the EASY button?




John and Marsha said...

Good luck Jessica! Its all brand new from here; you'll be fine regardless of the yada yadas.

Saille said...

Go, Jessica! Moving is always a challenge, but I think it gets about ten times harder when you have kids, too. Wishing you a safe and simple trip.

Anonymous said...

All the best to you Jessica. Here's a hug and a high-five!

--Alana in Canada

Kristy said...

Something has seemed "off" to me for a while now on your posts. I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say...for some people, the day their divorce was final was a great day for them...for others, the reverse. I don't know you at all, but have read your blog for a good long time. You are a good person, and I'm sorry you've had to make so many difficult decisions and faced the rearranging of your life. It sounds like you've had the rug ripped out from under you in some way, and now all the places you thought you were going (homeschooling, stay at home mom, wife), have had to be re-evaluated. Hard! I've recently sent my kids to public school after homeschooling. It's hard, but sometimes, the burden of carrying the entire weight of your children's education is just too heavy. Wow. This is a long comment. Sorry. This may sound completely weird, but if you ever want to just vent to an anonymous person about your troubles, my email is
Take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Tracy said...

Hi Jessica,

I had to take a minute to thank you for the way you have inspired me recently.

In February, I read your "A New Life" blog and it encouraged me to get our family on a budget. My husband and I have never been on a budget. Thankfully, we are not burdened by credit card dept, but we have not been saving a penny. Embarrassing, but true.

Anyway, I got the Dave Ramsey's book and did the hard work on getting us on a budget. Last month we were able to put several hundred into our savings account. What a blessing.

Fast forward to this week. My husband's company began layoffs. While my husband did not lose his job (thank you Lord) he did have to take a 25% pay cut. Wow. That's a lot.

But God used you several months ago to prepare me. Because I have a budget in place, it is so much easier to see where we can cut. I admit to being pretty stressed out about how we can cut that much, but I'm trusting God to help us figure it out.

In the meantime, I cannot thank you enough. I know you are going through such a difficult time, but please remember that God is working. He is still using you to bless people.

Keep your chin up! God is right there with you. I will keep you and your little ones in my prayers!

Tracy in Texas

Umm Khadijah said...

Sounds like your doing a great job, god willing things will run smoothly.

Nikowa@KHA said...

I have been "in your shoes" & it's hard. It really is, I am not going to lie. BUT the satisfaction that comes when you truly KNOW that you can do it on your own is so wonderful! :)

Praying for you.

Michele said...

It's good to hear from you! let me know if you find that easy button. ;)

Dayle said...

I've been thinking of you.

Blondie said...

"Repurposed life" - I like that and the great attitude behind it!

Hugs, prayers for a safe trip, and prayers that all of the yadayadas get worked out!


strider said...

(((Jessica))), I pray the transition goes smoothly in all respects.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I am glad things are going smoothly Jessica! Have an awesome week settling into your new purposed life. :)


Sharon said...

Jessica, Please know that I write the following comment with a sincere Christian love.

As I write this I feel almost as if I am the only commenter who may be brave enough to expose the other side of the coin that you are now, it seems, committed to spending. Jessica, you already have one divorce behind you. Do you really want to have a second divorce as well?

Isn’t there anything you can do to save your marriage? Have you prayed for your marriage to be strengthened? Have you prayed for your husband to be able to work to overcome the issues that divide you? Have you been patient in waiting for God to answer this prayer, waiting for Him to move your husband’s heart although your words seem unable to? Have you forgiven him for not being the husband you want him to be? Have you faced honestly the part you have played in helping to bring this marriage to the point of divorce? Have you asked forgiveness from God and from your husband for this? Is there even a tiny chance that you could help this marriage to succeed rather than let it fail?

You are a very determined person, Jessica, or at least it seems so from your blog. You present yourself here as a woman who knows what she wants and will keep searching for it and working for it. I have seen this in your writing about different currciula and educational methods, about your path into a new job, about your determination to go to college. And yet, you often seem to prefer to try a different option as soon as the first does not seem perfect. I worry, from the little that you have written here, that you are now in danger of giving up something precious that could yet be saved.

No marriage is perfect, Jessica, except the marriage that is between Jesus Christ and His bride, the Church, as she shall be revealed when he returns to claim her (us!) on the day of judgement. Don’t waste your life leaving this imperfect marriage for something – anything, even singleness – that looks like it might be better. You promised “for better or for worse”, didn’t you? Even if it seems like right now you have the worse and you’re never going to get the better, you still made that promise. I want to challenge you to do whatever is in your power, whatever is in God’s power to enable you to do, to keep that promise and save this marriage before it does end in divorce.

Could you try something like reading and putting into action The Love Dare book by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick, available here, which can possibly help you in loving your husband even if he is making that very difficult? It only takes a commitment of 40 days, which is much less than you have put into this marriage so far, and so much less than the time you will be apart if you do go through with the divorce. Isn’t this marriage worth trying one more time to save, for the sake of your children, if not for yourself?

Jessica, you might just need to stop looking for the perfect worldly solution to your problem, and instead look to God’s perfect solution to the whole world’s problem. We are all sinners, me, you and your husband. Please, put your faith in Jesus, not in your self. I will be praying for you.

Sincerely in Christ,
Sharon Jackson

PS I have included my surname here although I usually maintain my privacy in cyber space so that you will know that I am not just a random critic, but a real person with a face and a heart like yours. If you would like to talk about this some more, feel very welcome to drop me a line at my blog or reply here on yours.

Milehimama said...

I hate moving! I have homeschooled, after schooled, public schooled, private schooled. What is important is that you do the best thing for your family right now.

It will be a blessing to be able to have your children spend quantity time with their grandparents, even if it was unplanned.

Hang in there! (And thanks be to God that you found steady work WITH BENEFITS!)

Jessica said...

I stayed for 4 years doing exactly what you prescribed. I was determined to work on our marriage, yet I was alone. There has been too much damage since to repair, I do not make decisions lightly- especially ones that effect the kids.

I cannot share details b/c this is a public forum but if you wish to email me I'll tell you personally b/c my soon to be ex needs prayers as he goes through this very difficult time in his life. The kids and I need prayers too but our hearts are open to Him and we've been blessed greatly already.

I'm trying to respect stb-exhub by not speaking about our situation openly.

Sharon said...
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