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Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Mom, I know why kids don't get headaches."

Scene: We're in the car, on our monthly grocery trip excursion (6-8 hour day) and Danny screams an ear-piercing squeal because Camille has done something that he disagrees with.

"Mom, I know why kids don't get headaches," Camille said seriously.
"Why is that honey?" I ask.
"Because kids cause headaches, that's why they don't get them," she said matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah, why do you think that?" I ask.
"God let me have a headache and now I know how you feel when you say your head is hurting. God wanted to let me know that it hurts when you say you have a headache," she said, again very matter-of-fact.
"That was very nice of God to reveal that to you, wasn't it?" I'm trying so hard not to laugh!

"Yes, maybe God will give Danny a headache so he can realize it too," she said.
"Yes, honey." I said and switched the subject.
I am very careful to not put down the kids even indirectly, like saying "Danny is giving me a headache." I say, "What Danny is doing is giving me a headache." So when she wanted to report to me, I was very hesitant to allow her to think that I meant Danny IS a headache. I'm so glad she understood the difference.



LisaWA said...

LOL.. what a revelation hu? lol what a doll....


southerngirlmusings said...

I absolutely love that and the fact that she was so matter-of-fact...too cute! :)

Jennefer said...

That was wonderful! Camille is such a precious little lady and Danny truly seems like buckets of fun. Thanks for making me smile! :)


Dawne said...
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Dawne said...

Come pick up your award!

Elaine said...

My son has the privilege to experience headaches so we can commiserate with one another.

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