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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Managing Better!

1 I know what colleges I will be attending! I will be able to earn my Bachelor's in Bus. Admin online through two GA colleges that I can afford with financial aid assistance (already awarded). This has been a major stress in the last two months but I've learned so much about the process.

2 I also had my first work appraisal yesterday in which I received "excellent" in all but one area which is out of my control. I spoke to my manager about further training and a higher position, both of which were received with enthusiasm and encouragement. We scheduled time for immediate higher level training and have had abounding appraisal from all upper management! Wow, my cheeks hurt from all the smiling!

My arm is red from pinching myself b/c things are going so well! Homeschooling is getting back on track, I did a bunch of spring cleaning and rearranging furniture earlier this week so that took us off track but the house is in much better shape as is my stress level. I'm still losing weight/inches although I'm only checking it weekly but can feel it in my clothes.

Reflecting back on the past two horrendously busy and complicated months, I can see where maintaining a positive attitude through all the rocky spots has truly helped me get to this place. While I wasn't continuously positive, determination to keep going forward helped.

Currently I've made some streamlined changes to our lessons. They have been pared down to maximize skill development.
Read Aloud- Fun, age-appropriate literature reads (Little House on the Prairie right now)
History- Usborne Encyclopedia of World History and corresponding map-work
Science- God's Design for Life: The World of Plants, Shanleya's Quest
Writing/Grammar- Writing Tales 1
Math- Math-U-See Gamma
Spelling- Simply Spelling, level A
Latin- Prima Latina

Our lessons are taking about 3 hours now, averaging 30 minutes for each subject and history is only 1 day a week. Latin is 4x a week, Science 3x a week with everything else daily. Much easier to manage with everything else!




Michele said...


KAlexaLott said...

Hi Jessica!
I haven't visited your blog for several months and just did today while adding you to my bloglist at my new blog.

Sounds like your life has seen a lot of changes lately. I'm glad to see you are doing well. I will keep you in my prayers.


christinemm said...


dongdong said...

Can you tell me where you got simply spelling? I'm thinking looking spelling lists that are appropriate for my daughter. I couldn't find it on-line. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog! I added you to my blog list on my blog.

Alycia in Va. said...

congrads!!! I'm so happy for you. I haven't heard back about my school- but the offical applciation deadline isn't until 2/15 so I don't expect to know for a few more months. Wishing you best of luck.

Saille said...

It's great to hear that things are coming together.

I hadn't caught that you decided to use Shanleya's Quest. We really liked it, and I'm likely to add Botany In A Day for my oldest on our next life science year. I also really like those little "finder" books Montessori schools use, like Tree Finder and Winter Tree Finder. Very useful.

I'm sure things will go just as well at college as they're going at work. Congratulations!

Jessica said...

DongDong- Simply Spelling is not a list of words to spell. Here's the website

dongdong said...

Thank you, Jessica. I guess I'm not sure what to do in terms of spelling. My dd, 6.5, is a good speller so I'm not sure if purposeful spelling exercise is necessary for her at this stage. She writes journal/copy work.

Anonymous said...

That is so great Jessica, I'm proud of you!! You're a an inspiration to me. :)

Dee said...

Thanks for posting information about your lesson plans and how your lessons are scheduled.

Angela said...

I am glad to hear that things are working out for you! I was so worried about you! Way to go!