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Thursday, January 15, 2009

4th Grade Reading

Here's our reading list for 4th:


The Mouse and The Motorcycle by B. Cleary
Sarah, Plain and Tall by MacLachlan
The Year of the Panda by Schlein
The Hundred Dresses by Estes
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Flat Stanley
Homer Price
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil D...

Read Alouds
Narnia (unsure how this will be received so we'll do 1 and see how it goes)
The Penderwicks
The Little Princess
The Railway Children
Tom Sawyer
King of the Wind

Most of the Independent titles have online guides, others will be from Veritas Press or Progeny Press.




Chris said...

Hi Jessica,

I'd love to know what your dd thinks of Baby Island. We love Caddie Woodlawn, and I know it's by the same author. Little Princess is a dear book around here--my favorite kid's book from my childhood. I once did an oral book report on it in 6th grade; I practically begged my teacher to read it herself. I still have the tender note she wrote, thanking me for the experience. Hope you enjoy it. Railway Children has been a bit of a struggle for us, as the dad is in jail, and we have had a family member in the same situation (not exactly, but in jail). It does have a happy ending, tho. And Narnia books are a fav around here, esp LWW (which is the FIRST one, you
Have fun with reading!
Chris in vA

christinemm said...

Advice on Narnia:

Lion Witch and the Wardrobe was written first and the way it was written is the perfect intro to the series.

Later the prequel was published (Horse and His Boy).

There is debate on which order to read the books.

My opinion and the strong opinion of my 11 year old who both listened to the FANTASTIC audio books and also read them to himself at age 8 (grade 3)
read LION first and then later Horse and His Boy.

Me, my 11 YO and my 8 YO all don't like Horse and His Boy much. Knowing that first then knowing the Wardrobe story is less magical, less enchanting.

If you start off with HORSE and find it boring the whole series may be nixxed which would be disasterous and a shame.

Recorded Books did a great job with the books on tape (or CD). We borrowed them from the public library and have heard them 3 times each.

Of course reading them aloud is great too. It is just that now my voice gives out after 45 minutes and we had a ball listening to the audio books in the car on long trips and also at home.

The first time my younger son heard the stories he was 4.5 years old and he liked them too (but his attention may have wandered some).

After you read the books the Focus on the Family DRAMATIZATION of them is great to hear (not a replacement for the books or unabridged books on tape).

Hope this helps.

dicee said...

Hi Jessica, I used Pollyanna Grows Up as a read aloud last year for my daughters (then 13 and 8). We were smitten! Hope you all enjoy Pollyanna as much as we enjoyed the series. Bless ya, Dicee (Homeschooler for 10 years of three girls Down Under)

dicee said...

Oh, I forgot to mention - we also use Progeny Press. My middle daughter (14 now) has LOVED learning through literature using PP. Highly recommed it! Dicee.

marsha said...

I love The Hundred Dresses! That is on our list for the end of the year this year.

hestermom said...

Hey Jessica, I am new here, and stumbled upon your blog! Everyone covered the Narnia topic well, I just wanted to add that we let our kids listen to the stories on audiobook a few times on long car rides, so by the time we opened the book, they were so excited!! They were already somewhat familiar the story line, so they could follow the book really well. We started with LWW first also, I think the new order has Magician's Nephew first (which we are currently reading). Sounds like great fun!

Sharon said...

Will Camille be reading Pinoccho from an unabridged version? You might want to change it to a read aloud if you are intending this as it does have some short but intense passages (like the one where Pinocchio has to get past the giant snake in his path) and the book's themes are pretty heavy: it's all about getting what we deserve for our efforts - the donkeys in Collodi's words are not nearly so cute as in the Disney animation!

Have fun with The Railway Children. My kids all love Edith Nesbitt. If Camille likes fantasy type stories, she would probably love the Five Children and It series, of which the last was my favourite for it's ingenious and tantalising links to ancient history.

~ Sharon

Saille said...

I think you will love The Penderwicks!

Gerky said...

I am having Sweet (4th grade) read Sarah Plain and Tall. She is loving it! I told her after she finishes the book we will rent the movie from netflix to watch. It will be a great girls day.

Thanks for posting this list. It has helped me remember some books I had forgotten about. :-)