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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Looking for Cicero

I am on a hunt. I would like to find a book for children about Cicero, Aristotle, Homer, etc. The hunt has not been easy, I have survived many perils in this quest. Who am I kidding? Here's what I've found and if you know of any others- please don't shy- tell me about it.

Books from the Biography from Ancient Civilizations series:

Homer • Socrates Julius Caesar HammurabiConfuciusBuddhaConstantineAugustus CaesarCleopatra MosesCharlemagneAristotle Rameses the GreatHippocratesArchimedesNeroCatherine the GreatAlexander the GreatPericlesMarco PoloHerodotusJoan of ArcCiceroGenghis Khan King ArthurPlato

I have placed one of these on order through my library so that I can see it for myself, Amazon has them listed for Grades 5-8. As I've found, some books listed for older grades are quite useable for the younger grades. Here's book reviews of the series. The set is $518.70 (ouch, or $15.88 each at Amazon, $19.99 each elsewhere), so I recommend obtaining them through the library even asking your librarian to purchase them.

Becky shared these books with me as well when I asked her if she knew of any:

1. Wise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of Socrates by Mark David Usher

2. Philosophy Rocks! by Stephen Law - An outstanding book that introduces kids to academic philosophy. Ages 8+

3. Young Person's Guide to Philosophy by Jeremy Weate- Very good book for kids 8+. Arranged historically with excellent illustrations.

4. What Does It All Mean?: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy by Thomas Nagel, Very short introduction, Ages 10+

5. Philosophy for Kids : 40 Fun Questions That Help You Wonder ... About
Everything! by David A. White - Arranged by topic. Addresses kid's questions. Good dicussion starter. Ages 7-14. Great essay topics for h'schoolers.

6. Socrates for Kids by Essman, Geared to ages 6 to 8. Stories.

7. The Philosopher's Club by Phillips

Other websites I found of interest during my search:

If you know of any other books similar, please let me know!


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